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Hecho en Chula Vista

Hi! Isaac here…

Wanted to give you a little something on how Perci Labs Digital Marketing got started and what our mission is in the community of San Diego, CA.
We are a local company based in the city of Chula Vista… Perci Labs Digital Marketing started with the idea of helping local businesses in the place we call home, and the people that keep all these businesses, big and small, running every day.

Local businesses are often overlooked in favor of bigger outside name brands even though our local businesses are the reason we can live here the way we live… that’s why we want to help the people running these local and great businesses to fully embrace and thrive in the Digital space. The internet opens the door for everyone that wants to offer or look for the best service, and Perci Labs Digital Marketing can help present your great business online so that people can find you in just a click.

Partnering with Perci Labs Digital Marketing is the most effective way to increase your sales and increase your business brand value. Now is the time more than ever to get your online presence optimized and fly past the competition. We have learned all the secrets to get you in front of the type of crowd that every business is trying to attract but does not necessarily know where to find them…

Perci Labs Digital Marketing is here for you to not worry about decoding the magic to make it happen because there are a lot of things to be learned and applied to be able to take advantage of the opportunities the internet gives… and these things have to be re-learned and re-applied constantly to be able to keep up with the ever changing and ever improving environment that a search engine like Google runs on. We know what there is to know about how to make you appear at the top of Google’s search rankings and attract customers that pay. We know what happens behind the curtains and how to work the wizardry to your advantage.

Our approach to getting local businesses to the top of Google searches is new and different and is super effective… and we want to offer this to the benefit of the local community. This is why we are creating a club of non-competing local businesses that want to ride the digital wave and reap the rewards of the online market -and if you’re local- we want you to be part of it! 

Isaac Chapluk

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